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Space plan

"Test fit" or "space plan" is a term used in the field of commercial real estate, referring to the planning and arrangement of a building's interior or a specific space for the purposes of its most efficient use.

This process involves determining where and how workstations, conference rooms, kitchenettes, restrooms, relaxation areas, and other functional spaces will be placed.

A space plan is usually created by architects or interior designers in close collaboration with the tenant to best meet their specific needs and requirements.

The space plan creation process can include various steps, such as: Tenant needs analysis: How many people will work in the space? What types of workstations will be needed? What are the requirements for technology and infrastructure?

Layout design: How will the individual spaces and workstations be distributed? How will the movement of people and goods in the space be addressed? Where will the public and private areas be located?

Visualization and presentation: What will the final design look like? What materials and colors will be used?

Review and approval: Are the established building and governmental standards and norms adhered to? What changes are needed to obtain permission from the administrative authorities?

A space plan is an important tool for the optimal use of space, supporting efficiency and productivity, and creating a pleasant and functional work environment.

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