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Due diligence

Due diligence is a thorough risk analysis process conducted before finalizing a transaction, such as before purchasing a property or a business.

In the context of commercial real estate, due diligence involves the careful examination and analysis of all aspects of a property that could affect its value and profitability. This includes:

Legal due diligence: Examines whether the seller is the actual owner of the property and if there are any liens or other legal encumbrances. It also involves verifying that all permits and licenses are in order and that there are no outstanding obligations or potential legal disputes.

Financial due diligence: Includes the analysis of financial statements and operational results related to the property, such as rental income, operating expenses, property taxes, etc.

Physical due diligence: Pertains to inspecting the condition of the property, including the status of the structural elements, technical systems (electrical networks, HVAC, elevators, etc.), the presence of hazardous materials (asbestos, lead, etc.), and other potential issues.

Environmental due diligence: Checks whether the property meets all environmental standards and regulations and if there is a risk of soil or groundwater contamination.

The goal of due diligence is to identify any potential risks that could affect the value of the investment and protect the buyer from unexpected costs or problems after the purchase of the property.

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